work team

Luis Alejandro Olarte is an electroacoustic researcher, devoted to pedagogy, live performance and contemporary music. He is carrying a doctoral research in electroacoustic music and pedagogy at the Sibelius Academy supervised by Doctor Andrew Bentley. He has graduated in guitar and electroacoustic composition in Colombia, at the National Conservatory in Paris, in Generative Improvisation and Musical Acoustics and at Paris University in Computer Music. Olarte works in Helsinki as a sound artist and as a teacher, performing, animating workshops, collaborating with poets, visual artists, dancers, actors and creating sound installations. He was born in Colombia.

Outi Korhonen is a multidisciplinary art worker and art educator, who facilitates and creates art projects that promote multilingualism in one way or another. Her works are based on collaborations with other people in intercultural contexts. She has been actively involved in iniciating collaboration platforms such as Catalysti association of transcultural artists and Sivuvalo Project of non-dominant language writers. She has a Master’s degree in art education from Aalto University (previously Taik) and studies of Finnish language and literature from the University of Helsinki. She has worked as regional artist for cultural diversity, art coordinator, editor of art publications, art educator and artist.

outi_korhonen_alejandro_olarte_by_jaime_culebro_comprAs a work team Alejandro Olarte and Outi Korhonen
have collaborated in intercultural art projects including a multidisciplinary project City Ghettos of Today realized in seven European cities, the multilingual Babel workshops project in five museums in Helsinki, in Olarte´s 4th doctoral concert Three Dusks to Dark in Musiikkitalo 16.11.2015, together with dancer Jasmiina Sipilä. They have also planned and realized playful educational sonic installations and workshop concepts like the multilingual telephone “Satakielipuhelin” (Cultural Centres Caisa, 2015, Gloria, 2015 and Annantalo, 2016, and “Sanojen suojatie” a sonic carpet, workshop tool that talks with the participants’ words related to crossing linguistic barriers (Stoa, Annantalo and Finnish Museum of Photography).

Other work team members are specified in the page of each installation.