Multilingual Phone / Satakielipuhelin

satakielipuhelin_olarte_korhonen_2-jpgWith the multilingual telephone you can choose a place in the map of the world, pick a number, dial it with an old telephone and listen to people talking about love, fear, birthgiving, laughing and many other things in more then forty languages.

Most of the language samples were recorded in Helsinki. Each of the speakers gave free variations starting with the same disfunctional set of phrases and a theme that everyone chose freely.

The multilingual telephone installation includes a rebuilt old telephone, a cabin with a map and an address book of speakers, languages and themes. It can be rented to different spaces.




Examples of the voices of Satakielipuhelin




Special thanks to:

Cultural Centre Caisa, Stoa, Annantalo, Kulttuurikeskus Gloria
Satakielikuukausi / Multilingual Month
Sivuvalo Project
Faruk Lika
Daniel Malpica
and all the people who donated their voices for the telephone