Puhuva tie, laulava talo – Talking road, singing house

The exhibition Puhuva tie, laulava talo (Talking Road, Singing House) at Kanneltalo Gallery 8.3.-1.4.2017 presents multilingual installations made by Alejandro Olarte and Outi Korhonen. These include (UN)REST lullaby installation, Zebra crossing (an installation version of the talking carpet), Satakielipuhelin (multilingual telephone) and Don’t trust the Oracle, an old suitcase that answers to knocking with ’yes’ or’no’ in different languages. All the objects can be touched and played in their own ways. In the exhibition you can hear more than 40 different languages. The exhibition is accesible also for people with wheelchairs.


Guided tours:

Sat 25.3.2017
13:10, 14:10 and 15:10.
The artists Alejandro Olarte and Outi Korhonen present the exhibition. The duration of each presentation is about 20 min.



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